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Deposits and withdrawals at JAK Medlemsbank


Deposits and withdrawals at JAK Medlemsbank

How to make deposits and withdrawals at JAK Medlemsbank


You can become a member in JAK Member's Bank if you live outside of Sweden. Allthough to open an account, loan money, save money, and using the internetbank you need a Swedish personal identity number, a “personnummer”, or a Swedish coordination number. 

Using JAK internet bank

Internet banking is our automated service via the Internet. With online banking, you can among other things, checking balances and transactions, and make withdrawals. You can find the Internet bank by the button on the main menu of our website.
If you sign in with e-ID, you can select any receiving account for your transfer. As a signatory of a business or organization, you must log in with e-ID in order to perform the services. Companies and organizations are not accepted to use the four-digit PIN-code.


You can make a deposit to your account in JAK by using your second banking service. The routing number of JAK is 9670, the four first digits off your account number.

Deposit using PLUSGIRO

Plusgiro number 477 89 01-1 and OCR code that you can find on our online banking under the heading OCR Service / Show OCR number of accounts.
It is also possible without OCR code with regular payment form, or with any online banking service. You must be able to set the member number and account number on the notice. Plusgiro number is 406285-7.


If you want to make a withdrawal, it is possible to any account at another bank in Sweden. Sign in with e-ID on the JAK Internet bank, and you can at the time of transmission determine any account.